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NYC IIBA Presents - Agile - a hands-on workshop - Online Event

Tuesday, February 8, 2022 -
18:00 to 20:00

Past Event - Topic: NYC IIBA Presents - Agile - a hands-on workshop - Online Event - February 8, 2022
Post-meeting notes and links:
Meeting recording
The evening included break out sessions where we evaluated and commented on user stories, went through a sprint planning session, and walked throug sample daily standups.
The recording captures the whole group portions and one of the break out group's workshop sessions.
Another great interactive session. Thank you Kyle, Danny, collegues, and Parivada Solutions!

Please note - this event has been postponed. The new date is February 8, 2022.
This is an online event. Please register in advance to receive meeting link:

In response to enthusiastic participation and participant interest at our November event, we will be hosting this second event on Agile.
The November topic was Agile in practice.
This event will be Agile - a hands-on workshop.

The agenda for this event will include:

  • User Story Workshops: What makes a good story?  Hands-on practicing breaking down stories and writing acceptance criteria in a group setting
  • Sprint Planning: Estimating capacity for a sprint, breaking down stories into tasks and building a sprint plan to meet your Definition of Done
  • Daily Standup: Holding yourself and your teammates accountable; How to deliver effective daily updates and escalate blockers

Presenter overview:
Presenting will be Kyle Stock and Danny Bakker of Pariveda Solutions.  Pariveda is an employee-owned company focused on hiring and developing naturally curious, driven individuals comfortable with complexity and invested in delivering results to achieve long-term success.  We solve complex technology and business problems by aligning our people development focus with the mission of our clients. 
Kyle is a technology executive dedicated to helping the best companies achieve their strategic objectives in today’s challenging business environment. He does this by prioritizing humility, honesty, learning, and collaboration to empower individuals to make confident decisions and drive change.
Danny is a technology product leader, driving teams in delivering high-quality, high-value solutions that meet the business needs of today and beyond. He works with his teams to understand the needs of the business and the needs of the individual, using listening, learning, and empathy to develop his team members as they develop the product.
Kyle and Danny have decades of combined experience leading, growing and supporting Agile teams and are excited to share their perspective with IIBA.

During Covid, events are free and we are hosting events remotely. Both Members and guests are welcome to join.

This is an online event. Please register in advance to receive meeting link.

We hope you'll join us!

This event will be sponsored by Pariveda Solutions.

Event Details: 
In response to member interest at our November event, we will be hosting this second event on Agile. The November topic was agile in practice. This event will be a hands-on workshop. Details are forthcoming.
Event Location: 
Kyle Stock
Event Type: 
online event
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