NYC Chapter Board Nomination

            Thank you for your membership to the NYC Chapter of the IIBA!  As a member in good standing of the IIBA NYC Chapter you are eligible for nomination to become one of our board members. This is a great opportunity to become part of a team that helps promote the vision of the IIBA and develops a community of business analysts in NYC. Additionally it also looks great on a resume.
Please submit completed Nomination Application to
            Off-cycle open positions will require up to a 2 year commitment until the next election for the position, when the NYC Chapter membership will vote for new candidates to fulfill a 2-year term.

Open Position
See About Us>Board of Directors for open positions

The NYC Chapter By-Laws defines the Chapter’s objectives and Board Member roles and responsibilities. Please refer to attached chapter bylaws.
Please ensure that you have fully read these guidelines and the NYC Chapter By-Laws before submitting your application.  By submitting the below application on Page 2, you acknowledge that you understand and are willing to comply with these bylaws if elected to one of the Board positions.

NYC Chapter Board Nomination Application
IIBA NYC Chapter Nominating Committee,
I would like to submit my application for nomination for a position on the IIBA NYC Chapter Board. Below please find my IIBA Membership Details, Business Analysis Experience, Work History, Chapter Vision and Qualifications for the Position.
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Thank you,
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