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Know Thyself, Brand Thyself - The Secrets to Marketing Yourself Strategically and Successfully

Tuesday, April 11, 2017 -
06:00 to 08:00
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Know Thyself, Brand Thyself - The Secrets to Marketing Yourself Strategically and Successfully

In this session, Michael Milutis will explain why personal branding success has as much to do with self-knowledge as social media. To that end, we will explore the key personal questions that every IT professional, IT project manager, or IT executive must find the answers to and that are universal across industry verticals. Michael will walk you through these questions and then demonstrate how one’s personal branding strategy flows logically from the answers. The second takeaway will revolve around LinkedIn: tips, tricks, and advice on how to integrate your new branding strategy into Linkedin and actively leverage it for career success. All attendees will receive a complimentary one year subscription to The Great IT Professional mobile app (unlimited access to continuous online education for one year) as well as a free personal LinkedIn consultation and makeover.
Learning Objectives

  1. Find out who you are, what you want, and where you are going!
  2. Learn why your personal branding strategy must be a top down process, and what that means
  3. Learn how many ways there are to frame and package one’s career trajectory
  4. Learn why less is always more, and why this discipline is all-important to your branding success
  5. Learn how language can and must be used to represent yourself effectively
  6. Learn how -- like a heat seeking missile -- Linkedin brings all of this together and can be programmed to attract
  7. what you want for your career
  8. Gain immediate fluency in, and control of, your Linkedin brand

Speaker:  Michael Milutis
Michael Milutis is a marketing strategist, entrepreneur, public speaker, and creator of The Great IT Professional -- the world's 1st mobile app to offer unlimited PDU approved learning. Michael also offers brand consulting and career coaching to individuals and businesses of all sizes. Since 1997, Michael has worked for CAI, an international IT consulting and services firm with over 4000 associates worldwide. You can connect with him on Linkedin at www.linkedin.com/in/michaelmilutis

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Event Details: 
Tuesday, April 11th, 2017 Registration closes Monday, April 11th, 2017 at 4 PM.
Event Location: 
Microsoft, 11 Times Square, 6th Fl. - Room: Central Park East, New York, NY 10036
Michael Milutis
Location Name: 
Microsoft, 11 Times Square, Winter Garden, New York, NY 10036
Member: (free) Non-Member: $15.00 (in advance), $20.00 (pay at the door)